Monday, September 20, 2021

How Alexander The Great Became Worth $1.6 Trillion Dollars

How Alexander The Great Became Worth $1.6 Trillion Dollars

Alexander the Great was one of the richest people in history with an inflation-adjusted net worth of about $500 billion. He inherited much of this fortune, but a sizable amount came from his conquests - particularly his conquest of the Persian Empire. Alexander became King of Persia by defeating King Darius III. He gained a massive fortune and control over a huge empire. Alexander and his army looted palaces and cities along the way, which also added to his incredible net worth. The gold that Alexander the Great claimed by conquering Persia would be worth more than $1 trillion today. Alexander also had access to mines throughout Macedonia. The precious metals from the mines and the spoils from his victories were used to fund more expeditions and military campaigns. After becoming the new King of Persia, Alexander the Great shifted his focus to India. He handily defeated King Porus, but his hopes of conquering the rest of India were met with significant hurdles. His troops were weary and refused to carry out the mission. Alexander had no choice but to turn back and abandon his plans. A long and arduous march back through the desert resulted in terrible suffering and death. The harsh environment and heat took a toll on Alexander’s army. Alexander lost a sizable portion of his military - some historians say as much as half of his army died. Here’s a look at how Alexander the Great gained his $500 billion fortune. Keep watching to find out more. 

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Written by: Rob Cramer 
 Narrated by: Adam Newmark 
 Edited by: Jorge Armando Bierge Somerville

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